My Journey

I am a holistic health practitioner who has done MBBS from Nair Hospital (Mumbai) and MD in Alternative Medicine. I specialize in Psychosomatic disorders, Emotional and Sexual health. Along with Allopathy medicine, I prescribe other alternative therapies as per the requirement of clients taking mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual. I am also practicing Clinical Acupuncturist specialising in pain management, neurological ailments and sexual issues.
I firmly believe in promoting health and well being through a collective approach as healing and getting better is an individual process. Every individual is different and requires a customized approach to heal. While some might get well in 1 session of just speaking with a counselor, others might require a different approach and strategy to get to their ideal health.
I practice and teach spiritual healing Parashakti Chikitsa. Meditation has become part of my life as exploring metaphysical dimension of human is my passion. I also use modern scientific technology like Aura Videography to diagnose unconscious emotional and mental patterns which leads to physical issues in future.

Educational Qualifications

  • M.B.B.S
  • MD in Alternative Medicine (M.D.A.M)
  • Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (UK)
  • Clinical Acupuncturist (KIU,Sri Lanka)
  • Spiritual Healer and Aura Interpreter
  • Member of The British Council For Complementary Therapies
  • Member of Hothsonian Institute for Holistic Therapies.

Years of Experience

  • 12 Years

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
Professional Highlight and Expertise Dr. Viral Thakkar

My expertise lies in pain management neurological ailments mental heath

My priority is to diagnose the root cause of an ailment and harmonize the mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of my clients. I believe that a holistic approach of healing the mind, body and soul is essential and modern medicines should be judiciously used.

I have extensive experience in dealing with different ailments including those of psychosomatic origin and providing holistic healing through a combination of allopathy and various modalities. 

Mental health, Emotional health, Relationship Counselling,Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Heart disease,Geriatric Care, Bone and joint disorders, Autoimmune conditions, Cancer,lifestyle disorders,Weight gain, Addiction


Dr. Viral is an internationally registered Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner from The Bach Centre, UK.

He conducts individual sessions, group sessions with corporates and civil society groups on ideal lifestyle.


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