My Journey

In a world focused on to-do lists and productivity, finding the time and energy to plan healthy meals tailored to your tastes and nutritional needs can be a daunting task.

Educational Qualifications

  • Diploma in meal planning analysis
  • Diploma in Dietics and Food planning
  • Diploma in psychology and stress eating
  • Diploma in vegan cooking and immunity cooking

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Gujarati
Professional Highlight and Expertise Priyanka Vithlani

My expertise lie in Customizing recipes meal planning

Cooking and teaching everyone to cook with basic knowledge and ingredients has been my passion and I have been successful in doing so.Designed Recipes and previously published books too .

I have been successful in handling Toddlers right from 6 months,helping the mothers learn cooking, weaning and learning to introduce different food categories at the right time. Moulding recipes and helping my clients to use all the ingredients and cook at ease too.When working mothers are unable to prepare meals I have been successful in teaching fathers and children also to manage cooking at ease . Modifying recipes during each needs and answering promptly to every query has helped me have a lot renewal clients too.


Priyanka designs nutritional meals as per individual(s) needs, time and ingredients. She has a natural affinity towards kids and understands the needs and the taste inclination and preference of children very well.

Priyanka responds promptly to the needs of the clients. She is patient and compassionate, with a natural knack to cook up meals and recipes that fit the nutritional value required for the patient.


What my clients say about me

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