Rejuvenation and Cleanse Program

Rejuvenation and Cleanse Program

Do you feel sluggish, experience unexplained and insatiable cravings, mental fog, or grogginess all day long? Are you constantly complaining about dull and pigmented skin, acne, rashes, and allergies that aren’t seasonal? Do you suffer from digestive distress, excessive weight, persistent body odour or bad breath and don’t feel healthy despite eating clean? Chances are, that your body is overloaded with toxins and is screaming for a cleanse, as these are some of the most common symptoms of a toxic body.
If there is toxin build-up it could manifest in various health conditions. This is where the Rejuvenation and Cleanse program helps. This program is designed not only to support the cleansing process of the body but also to boost the functioning and performance of our body’s cleansing organs.
NOTE: This is a 14-day program. People who have acute or chronic kidney-related problems and those who are on conventional cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation should avoid this cleanse.

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The key benefits of the Rejuvenation and Cleanse program:

This program is designed to enable internal cleansing and detoxification of your body and live a toxin free life. Apart from feel

Four-pronged approach towards cleansing and detoxification

Experience holistic cleansing with our focus on the four pillars to health: balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional well-being and not just nutrition.

Personalized cleanse plans

After a comprehensive health and lifestyle analysis, you will receive a tailor-made cleanse plan from your detox expert. This includes an assessment of your environment at home, work, and the toxins you might be exposed to on a daily basis.

Dedicated guidance and support throughout the program

Our detox specialists will guide and support you throughout the duration of the program for a soothing cleanse.

Essential cleansing tools and methods

Learn and apply various cleansing tools like yoga asanas and kriyas to regularly detoxify and cleanse the system to improve the overall functioning of the vital organs.

Introduced to a new lifestyle and self

Our team helps you to identify and analyze the root cause of toxin build up at a deeper level and allows you to adopt new lifestyle changes that can help you live a toxin free life.

Vibrant skin, improved immunity and energy levels

Through this program, you will benefit internally and externally through improved energy levels to perform everyday tasks better, stronger immunity levels, improved metabolism, digestion and mental clarity as well as a marked improvement in your skin tone within months.

Price and package options for the Rejuvenation and Cleanse Program

Program Description:

● Our integrative team of nutritionists, clinical dietitians, lifestyle coaches, detox specialists, and yoga experts create a customized two-week detox plan for you after studying your lifestyle, personal details, blood reports, and your health goals.
● A customized two-week cleanse plan is created taking into consideration your work timings, travel plans, availability of ingredients, allergies, and so on.
● Your coaching during the cleanse revolves around the four pillars of health that Luke strongly advocates: quality sleep, balanced nutrition, emotional detox, and adequate exercise.
● Once your program ends, a detailed feedback email created by Luke and your detox specialist is shared with you, which will help you maintain health and sustain your cleaner self. Please note that this is an online program and is open to participation from anyone globally.
● Online chat support is available for two weeks from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
● Different time zones other than Indian Standard Time will be handled accordingly.
● The assigned team’s responses will be based on their appointments, hospital rounds, calls, and meetings. They will respond at the earliest.
● The team is off on weekends and on public holidays. In case of an emergency, feel free to contact us. Package Features:

Package Features

● One video call is scheduled at the start of the program with you and a detox specialist assigned to you, followed by another voice call at the start of the second week.
● You are added to an online chat group created for 14 days (duration of the program) to guide and coach you during the program. This group consists of your detox specialist and a quality control team.

Total Program Cost

INR ₹7670 (inclusive of taxes)

USD rates are applicable to anyone residing out of India.

USD $100

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