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Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems Private Limited focuses on integrative and preventive medicine, disease, and coaching. Its team of professionals from various fields of health, medicine, and alternative medicine practicing across the globe, but together as a team in a holistic way. Designed on the foundation of integrative and preventative health care using lifestyle, the ecosystem consists of medical doctors, nutritionists, clinical dietetics, emotional counselors, lifestyle experts, yoga therapists, and elite trainers.
Through programs and personal consults, our integrative team works towards identifying the root cause of a particular health condition and helps people suffering from lifestyle-driven illnesses to reduce their pain and improve the quality of life. Every patient that comes to us has their program designed based on a root-cause approach and the combined team of experts assigned to a particular patient is decided, based on the symptoms and root causes that need to be addressed. Using nutrition, medication, changes in lifestyle, improvements in emotional wellness, sometimes alternative medicine like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga are used in conjunction with conventional medicine. The team has a holistic way of working with the patient and focuses on the individual as a whole rather than a disease in isolation.
The company has its main presence across India, Dubai, Middle East, Africa, the U.K., and the U.S. The company's ecosystem also includes building sustainable and healthy food chains across India.


Luke's Wellness Market

Luke’s wellness market is an extension of Luke’s holistic health store. We organise live wellness markets across cities where farmers and vendors living in and around the city bring in their fresh and chemical free produce and other lifestyle goods grown the ethical way and people across all age groups come together, shop, eat, indulge in fun activities, interact, build communities and make it a family event. It’s a step towards resetting the existing food chain in our country and probably world-wide and make it an honest and ethical one. Since we harp so much about food being the best form medicine, it’s also important to know its source. Our wellness market enables you to interact and meet your farmers and understand where your food comes from.


Luke's Wellness Market

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Meal Planning for Schools

We create and design meals and snacks for several schools and educational institutes. Our meal planning team designs creative menus to fulfil not only their nutritional needs but also enable them to successfully wean off their junk food habits. The team ensures that the meals are wholesome, balanced and nutritious.


Meal Planning for Schools

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