Luke Coutinho - Integrative; Lifestyle Medicine

Work with a professional in the field

Our integrative team of experts work together with the sole intention of improving the health of our clients. The team comprises of nutritionists, clinical dietitians, allopathic and homeopathic doctors, lifestyle and wellness coaches, emotional counsellors, yoga therapists and meditation trainers.
The entire team’s motive is to identify the root cause and help people suffering from lifestyle-driven illnesses to reduce their pain and improve the quality of their life.


Luke's Wellness Market

Luke’s wellness market is an extension of Luke’s holistic health store. We organise live wellness markets across cities where farmers and vendors living in and around the city bring in their fresh and chemical free produce and other lifestyle goods grown the ethical way and people across all age groups come together, shop, eat, indulge in fun activities, interact, build communities and make it a family event. It’s a step towards resetting the existing food chain in our country and probably world-wide and make it an honest and ethical one. Since we harp so much about food being the best form medicine, it’s also important to know its source. Our wellness market enables you to interact and meet your farmers and understand where your food comes from.


Luke's Wellness Market

For a B2B setup and to organise wellness markets please fill out the form and details of your requirement and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

Meal Planning for Schools

We create and design meals and snacks for several schools and educational institutes. Our meal planning team designs creative menus to fulfil not only their nutritional needs but also enable them to successfully wean off their junk food habits. The team ensures that the meals are wholesome, balanced and nutritious.


Meal Planning for Schools

Please fill out the form and details of your requirement and someone from our team will get back in touch with you.

Luke's Gurukul of Lifestyle Medicine

Luke’s Gurukul is a system of holistic education co-founded by Luke & Dr. Akshat - who heads the medical vertical. The teachings are based on principles of mind-body connection, nature and the four pillars of health. It's a way of learning about your own health, so that there is a chance to prevent illness and possibly heal. The gurukul team consists of clinical dietitians, lifestyle coaches, yoga therapists and doctors who have come together with a vision to heal and prevent disease. These are currently face-to-face one-day courses held in Mumbai.

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