Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching

The prime focus of Life and Wellness Coaching is to help people establish healthier and fulfilling lives. We are looking at helping to change and educate the way we think about this concept. Today, you may have access to the most effective, well-qualified nutritionists and dietitians, but merely getting your diet and nutrition in place cannot fill these gaps. What is required?

1. Re-evaluation of your choices and understanding the power to make the right ones.
2. Help to identify and accept your purpose, take subsequent action, and follow the next steps that fall within the scope and realm of life coaching.

Most people do not realize how simple choices affect their wellness and their overall health. One of the main reasons why coaching, as a concept can be elusive, is because there are so many different viewpoints that many people are unsure of when it comes to recovering and improving the quality of their life.

Life and Wellness Coaching is integrative.

1. We look at and consider a person in entirety and address every aspect that comes in the realm of coaching.

2. This coaching integrates the mind, body, and spirit with a balanced flow of energy.

3. It revolves around the fact that your body is the only thing you have for the rest of your life. Recognizing your real, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and identifying and distinguishing your needs from our wants becomes crucial.

4. When speaking of disease or illness, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, the condition or its symptoms are not always the problem but rather the attempted remedy.

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The Essentials of Life and Wellness Coaching

To bring out the intellect, brilliance, problem-solving abilities, and creativity in you. Be curious to learn more.

To invite and help you to explore what is going on inside you, expand your understanding of the situation, encourage, and support you to bring about a new awareness.

To have an open and clear discussion with no judgment.

To be your catalyst, mentor, or guide, and build a strong and healthy relationship which becomes the crucible for change.

To build a foundation that is sustainable and co-creative with trust and mutual respect.

To facilitate a client's problem-solving ability by being with them every step of the way.

To identify fresh, new, supportive, and sustainable approaches to help you achieve your very best or reach your optimum potential.

Coaching is not a replacement for any parallel medication or treatment you might be undergoing simultaneously. No drugs or medications will be prescribed, and full cooperation is required from the client for effectiveness.

Session Details

Each session will range from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

All information is confidential, and an NDA will be signed before the start of the session.

Sessionswill be held trough video calls over Zoom.

Different time zones other than Indian Standard Time will be handled accordingly.

Sessions will not be held on Sundays and public holidays. In case of an emergency, feel free to contact us.

In between each session, you may reach out to us by email should you need any assistance, guidance, or face difficulties. We will respond to emails within 24 hours. Sundays are excluded, unless in case of an emergency

Single Session Cost

45 minutes: 2360 (inclusive of taxes)

USD rates are applicable to anyone residing out of India.45 minutes: $35

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