See every disease or ailment as an imbalance, and work on correcting that imbalance to heal, prevent, lose weight and enhance health.

We are serious and focussed on the work we do and our time is of utmost importance and value. We have hundreds of people in line and would truly want to work with individuals who are aligned to and respect our values.

Only join our program if you agree to the following.

  • This is healthcare and not a business. The money you pay is for our time, something we treat as a precious commodity. The time we invest is irreversible, hence we choose to make the most of it in our relationship with you to understand your ailments and to heal you. By joining our programme , you are paying for the time of a highly qualified elite and experienced team of nutritionists, clinical dietitians, lifestyle coaches, doctors and alternative medicine professionals who will work together to understand the root cause of your condition and decide the best approach for you with an objective to heal.
  • While we value your money, we do not want it if it's going to be used in a way to threaten us and our work or seal your place of power in the relationship. We value and respect who you are and what you may do, but we are not concerned about your designation or your place in society. Everyone is equal in our eyes so we thank you in advance for refraining from name dropping and exerting influence.
  • The human body has its own intelligence and brilliance that over time could have been disturbed by several factors and circumstances. And then there is genetics and deeply rooted emotions that sometimes takes time to heal and all that is connected with your overall healing. We make no claims of curing anyone or meeting your goal, however, our only intention is to care for you and heal you and we will do everything and more within our capacity to do that.
  • We will not tolerate a poor attitude and lack of respect as it becomes a seriously limiting factor in your healing and our relationship. We respect you and value you and we have the same expectations of you so we can do what we do best. Please consider this point seriously before you decide to join.
  • Our relationship is based on coaching, educating and truly being there for you. Ask questions , seek logic, as much as you need to. Please do not resort to unnecessary challenging and keep your ego in check. These behaviours are severely draining and will not help us meet our objective.
  • The Blame-game is a waste of energy and results in a loss of power and destroys relationships. Polite conversations fuelled with respect and understanding will go a long way in answering all your questions, addressing your fears and emotions.
  • Some ailments take longer to heal. Illness and weight problems, develop over the years and it is unrealistic to expect a miracle in 1 week or 1 month. We do not work with symptoms, we address root causes to try and cure and heal you and that takes time. Be patient and you will reap its benefits. After all it's the human body that we are working with.
  • We do not force you to take any supplements, although we may make suggestions and recommendations based on what our integrative team feels is what you need and best for you.
  • We do not guarantee 5, 10 or 15 kilo weight loss programs. We believe the human body can safely lose up to 2-3 kilos a month and we prefer to do it the right way, the holistic way and in a way that is safe for your body and in a way where the weight you lose will stay off and not bounce back once you get off the program.
  • Beautiful things happen when relationships are built on trust, transparency, knowledge, sharing and genuineness, and this is what we aim to build with you. This will help us do the one thing we truly want for you, that is to build your health.
  • Our program is not a replacement for modern medication, conventional treatment, chemo, radiation etc. We will be honest in sharing our thoughts and advice and will support the treatment you chose or that which your doctors have chosen for you. Our programs can run alongside this, and we will never ask you to challenge or refuse the treatment that your doctor or you have chosen. We will always be honest while discussing side effects and suggesting the best approach for you.
  • In integrative and lifestyle medicine, the approach is holistic. Your goal may be manifold, but we will still look at every function in your body ranging from the working of your eliminatory organs, blood circulation, gut health organs to your mind and emotions, because we believe that every ailment is an imbalance and is connected.

If you agree to all of this, we welcome you aboard. Now let's work together and do everything it takes to rebuild your health.

Luke Coutinho - Founder - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine