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Shimpli Patil

Head Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert

I am Shimpli, head nutritionist and lifestyle expert at Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems (LCHHS). I embarked on a career as a nutritionist in the year 2011. Being strongly inclined towards Nutrition and Dietetics since my high school, with the right guidance I took it up as a profession. Topped my Master’s degree in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics from Mumbai University and then stepped into the world of health and wellness to broaden my knowledge and proficiency.

I began as a nutrition research analyst and gradually took up the role of clinical dietician and nutrition consultant in several organizations. 

At LCHHS, I get to understand and practise lifestyle coaching and holistic nutrition and that opened avenues of opportunity for dealing with several medical cases in a holistic manner.

My super speciality is managing gut health issues for which I’ve had great success. I have also been working on diabetes, thyroid, PCOD and other hormonal disorders, kidney and liver disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

My line of treatment is purely based on the four pillars of lifestyle; balanced nutrition, quality sleep, adequate exercise and emotional detoxification, put together in the most balanced manner.

Most of my clients love my optimistic and assertive approach to them. Listening to them, understanding the root causes of their problems and helping them come up with smart or creative ways and ideas for developing healthy habits is what I aspire for with every client.

All in all, I can walk you through the journey of health and fitness in the most  balanced and sustainable manner!

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